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The Briefcase is the perfect accessory for every businessman to take to work, containing everything they need for the day ahead. Not only is the briefcase highly functional, but it’s also a stylish addition to any business attire, representing calm, order and authority.

Perhaps the most exciting thing about a briefcase, is that it allows you to carry everything you may need for the day ahead - allowing you to walk prepared into almost any situation. Below, we run through several things which should feature in every gentleman’s briefcase, to ensure he never gets caught out.


Headphones are an essential part of daily life, whether it’s on the train, on a lunch break - or for listening to whilst you work - the briefcase is the perfect place to store your headphones, ensuring they are always on hand.

Choose an over-ear pair of headphones, such as theKreafunk Bluetooth Headphones for maximum sound quality, and functionality. As well as serving as a trusty pair of headphones, they also allow you to answer and decline calls. Excellent battery performance means that these headphones are also good for up to 14 hours.


The humble pen is a staple of every briefcase, but not just any pens. There’s nothing worse than seeing leaking biros sitting in the bottom of a briefcase, that or cheap branded company pens. Instead, choose to invest in a single pen, you can be proud of.Cross Pens provide the perfect series of Pens for all budgets and businesses.

Hand Sanitizer

The city and the workplace can be dirty places, keep yourself protected as you go about your daily business with a small tub of hand sanitizer. A couple of applications per day should keep you on top form.


Aftershave is another key product which should always be found in the briefcase. Whether it’s for a quick freshen up before a meeting, or a quick spray before heading out for some post work drinks - a faithful bottle of aftershave can be a life saver, especially after those long and hot tube journeys.

Choose a traditional, musky classic scent such as theClubman Cologne from Truefitt & Hill for maximum results.


Whether it’s an aggressive wind which ruins your hair, or a quick freshen up throughout the day - a comb can be an essential piece of kit in keeping you looking both calm and in control. Simply wetting your hair and running your comb through it, is enough to tame the most unruly of haircuts.

Compact Umbrella

It’s the smallest things in life which can make the biggest difference, and that’s certainly true when caught in a rain shower when going, to and from work. A compact umbrella, such as theKnirps Piccolo is perfect for living full time in your briefcase. It’s lightweight, has 7 ribs and has even been wind tunnel tested.

Tablet Holder

Tablets are key pieces of work equipment these days, holding everything from work presentations to emails & unique software. Keep your tablet in your briefcase, in a dedicated tablet holder, to keep your tablet looking both safe and stylish. The Filofax Range of Tablet Cases are absolutely perfect for this.

Phone Charger

It’s always sensible to take your phone charger with you wherever you go. This one is pretty simple.

Work Stuff…

Last but not lease, the briefcase is of course the natural environment for your papers, documents and contracts - keeping them both safe and secure when in transit.

Briefcases from Burton Blake

We stock and supply a fantastic range of briefcases, which have been handpicked from brands we know and trust to adhere to our uncompromising approach to design and quality. All of the briefcases within the range have been designed to look fantastic for years to come, serving as a tough and loyal companion.

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