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      Allotments in the UK, in recent years have exploded in popularity - and as such, the waiting lists for people to get their hands on an allotment can be years. For those lucky enough to have secured an allotment, they enjoy all of the social, wellbeing and health benefits of planting and growing their own fruit & vegetables. As well as being a hugely rewarding activity, with a massive sense of satisfaction, allotment holders also benefit from the range of exercise that working on an allotment brings - not to mention the health benefits of eating home-grown fruit and veg.

      To cater for those either with allotments, or buying gifts for those with allotments - we have carefully sourced a collection of gifts which are perfect for allotment holders. This range of products misses out a lot of the useless allotment gifts which are available on the market, and instead focuses on professional grade products which perform day in, day out for years.

      The range not only encompasses the very best gardening tools suitable for all jobs & tasks, but also accessories such as leather holsters - which make light work of carrying about your tools securely. So no more missing secateurs!

      You can browse the full range of high quality allotment gifts below, and as always - please do just get in touch if you have any questions at all about the range.