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      2 products

      At Burton Blake, we are glad to introduce Arckit, impressive model building kits similar to Lego, but more professional and Made in Ireland.
      Arckit was introduced in 2014 by the Irish Architect Damien Murtagh. When he was in his studio, he had an alternative idea to traditional 'cut and glue' plywood or 3D drawings to build miniature models for his creations. And that concept could be developed with the aim of creating educational toys for adults and children, giving the same hands-on experience of professional architects, without needing any specialist skills.
      After many years studying and developing a system with reusable modular components that interlink without glue, budding architects, model hobbyists, architecture enthusiasts and genius kids can use their imagination to build a city dream. They can build stunning constructions and structures thanks to Arckit scaled architectural model system. And they can endlessly modify their creation, and you can too.
      Each kit is designed and developed in a standard 1.2m/4ft modular grid to scale, the same exact format used for architectural projects. Arckit is also totally modular and compatible with other model products such as figurines, vehicles and furniture. So you can even create your set designs with different accessories.
      With a unique design, ARCKIT's patented system has featured on Kickstarter, Wired and many other crow-funding platforms. Arckirt is now a multi-award-winning brand and has spread all over the world, becoming a point of reference for students and many Universities of Architecture too.
      There are no rules or instructions to use Arckit. You can start building from scratch, clicking the components together and create incredible city layouts using the foundations, building blocks, walls and tile shapes. Learn as you play, without boundaries: no glue, no mess and no instructions; just the power of your imagination. It's a whole new way of design thinking with a simple process: design, build and modify.
      Forget about Minecraft and Lego, build your miniature city dream and learn architectural design thanks to Arckit: endless creative possibilities, reusable components and quick assembly. For kids and adults!
      And where do you buy Arckit? From Burton Blake, the Luxury Lifestyle Shop of course! Discover the full collection and best deals:
      Arckit Sports Stadium Volume 1 and 2, Arckit 360, Arckit 180, Arckit 90 Architectural Model Building Kit and Arckit Go Plus 2.0 Kids
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