Beyerdynamic Headphones


      Beyerdynamic Headphones: a note by Burton Blake

      Beyerdynamic Headphones has earned a reputation for its excellent closed-back headphones over the years. Discover a new world sound experience for home office, for video gaming, for e-learning, for professional studio use. A comfortable and engaging listen for your daily life. The brand has specialised in the consumer, creator and communication divisions, reflecting the full spectrum of global, digital and cultural changes being seen in today’s modern generation society.

      They are strictly made in Germany. BEYERDYNAMIC (formally known as BEYER) was founded in Berlin in 1924. Today More than 400 highly qualified employees produce Beyerdynamic products, most of which are built handmade, meaning they are of excellent quality.

      In each headphone, you will feel the quality, fine durable materials such as copper for maximum audio transmission fidelity and spacious, plus sturdy circumaural foam pads will enhance your comfort and the listening of bass, midrange and an incredible dynamic frequency soundstage. 

      The brand has never ceased to innovate on a technological level. In Beyerdynamic products, you can find, you can find among other things:

      • Innovative sound personalisation software called MOSAYC, monitoring your music and sound profile will never be the same. Back to your critical listening!
      • Sophisticated hybrid ANC technology is used in mobile over-the-ear headset. Here, a condenser microphone is integrated both on the outside and inside of the headphones. This technology has the advantage of identifying annoying background noise as fast as in feedback designs, but the filtering process is much more accurate, which is beneficial through feedback designs for the best isolation. 
      • Exclusive Tesla technology helps Bluetooth wireless HiFi Headphones deliver impressive efficiency yet subtly nuanced. There are good reasons why the combination of a highly sensitive voice coil and a powerful magnetic drive has been inspired and named according to the visionary inventor, physicist and electrical engineer Nikola Tesla (1856—1943). 

      Discover the Beyerdynamic Headphones premium range at Burton Blake, perfectly designed for the audiophile, including Aventho, Amiron and Pro.