Chameleon Art


      Chameleon Art Products is a sought after French brand which designs and produces a range of innovative, professional-quality art tools that you can use to take advantage of the world of colour. Chameleon created unique patented technology that you can use to dye like no other. So if you have a curious child, or you are an aspiring amateur, avid colourist or creative craftsman, Chameleon will help you achieve the results you dream of. Or whether you're an ambitious student, an accomplished artist or a design professional, Chameleon will add a new level of control and finesse to your art arsenal. Inspire, encourage and engage every artist, artisan and creator through colour innovations. 

      With Chameleon quality products, you can create depth, dimensions, gradients, highlights, shadows, and shadows. In the past, this would have only been possible with a wide range of artistic materials. 

      Create seamless colour gradations: in a side-to-side motion, working from light to dark for a perfectly seamless blend and smooth transitions.

      Find the range of Chameleon Color Tones, marker pens ready for you in stock at Burton Blake.