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      10 products

      Non-conformist, but super robust and stylish suitcases. Launched in 2013, Crash Baggage is an Italian brand that has been able to combine resistant and lightweight materials with an innovative style that is revolutionising the world of luxury suitcases. 
      Don't worry anymore about your luggage getting ruined and bruised on your travels. The designers of Crash Luggage produce cases that are already dented, worn-looking, and literally crashed. Their mantra reads, "Handle Without Care", a concept that could become the new travel philosophy, to exalt the freedom of movement in every journey without any worries. The already pre-worn and dented design adds a unique touch to every suitcase.
      Each Crash Baggage model has been designed in a range of different sizes, from hand luggage to large suitcases, to accompany you on all your trip types comfortably. They are made of ABS and polycarbonate, specially chosen to be the best material on the market in terms of lightness, waterproof and resistance. All the materials they use are sustainable by fully respecting all international environmental standards.
      Trendy travellers across the globe are already handling without care their Crash Baggage Suitcases with their iconic dented design. What are you waiting for? Meet Crash Baggage Transparent Share, Crash Baggage Robust, Crash Baggage Stripe and Crash Baggage Icon.
      And where's the best place to buy the Crash Baggage Collection? From Burton Blake, the Luxury Lifestyle Shop, of course. Enjoy our top-rated service, fast & free shipping, easy 30-day return policy and 5-star Customer Service to produce the Best Shopping Experience for our Customers!