Crosley Turntables

Crosley by Burton Blake, chic, retro turntables to play your classic vinyl collection. Easy to use and a delight to hear, sharing music the old fashioned way. These Crosley Cruiser suitcase-style shell turntables have built-in stereo speakers and are a classic high fidelity record player. They come with bluetooth options for modern day convenience. These light-weight record players are designed for portability for that special event.
These stylish Crosley bluetooth turntables come in a multitude of colours and are an iconic piece suitable for the modern and contemporary living space. Every vinyl collection should have a Crosley Cruiser, Portfolio or Bermuda to match style and elegance on many levels. Considered by many to be the best portable record player currently available. A needle for every groove. Amplify your style! Burton Blake is a leading UK Crosley stockist. If you have any questions, please contact us on 0203 105 1669 or