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      DALI Speakers: a Burton Blake's note.

      Dali Speakers is a brand driven by a raw passion for music and a pure concern on its honest reproduction in the home environment, providing the ultimate expression of design appearance and technology. Developing and perfecting new technologies to enhance the home entertainment experience's realism is the main goal of their quest to create what DALI believe to be the world's best speakers.

      Where areย DALI speakers made?ย DALI, Danish Audiophile Loudspeaker Industries, is a company born in Scandinavia in 1983, from an intuition: customers often demanded combinations of size, shape, performance, and price existing traditional brands could often not offer. So they committed to creating speakers with exceptional performance and natural rich sound at competitive and budget prices, exceeding the standards levels. With confidence and inspired by the firm belief that it would be possible to create a unique DALI sound identity focused on musical realism and sound integrity, with the aim to redefine sound reproduction. Now, with more than 35 years of experience and global recognition, DALI can proudly say they have taken a position on the sound that has advanced the state of the art, inspiring music and film lovers into challenging competition to catch up.

      Today, DALI offers an exciting range of portable audio speakers,ย loudspeakers, subwoofers and headphones for every taste, from the SPEKTOR series to the EPICON 8 high-performance speaker. With DALI you will become familiar with series and terms like Menuet, Zensor, Rubicon, Oberon, Fazon, Opticon, Phantom, Kubik, Hdali, Callisto. With over a million satisfied DALI owners in more than 70 countries, they bring music and home theatre or cinema to life, giving DALI proud owners a more honest, nuanced and detailed listening experience. With DALI you will also be charmed by the use of noble materials such as walnut wood.ย And don't forget that they also produce spectacular bluetooth wireless audio headphones, with top-class crossover amplifier bringing you a perfect set of balanced and impressive sounds and powerful digital bass music to your active life.

      DALI speakers are characterized by sublime audio quality and an engaging stereo richer sound experience ready to perfectly reproduced in any room of your house. A key factor contributing to the superiority of DALI are the exclusive DALI magnetic drivers units designed and developed from scratch by Danish engineers. With unique controller technologies, those incredibly built-in speaker systems allow listeners to hearken to their favourite music exactly as the artists wanted. Discover the extremely great satisfaction listening to recorded music brought to life and the incredible illusion of being there in tribute to the performers. However, making this authentic DALI accurate soundstage level requires much more than just a passion for music, to create each of their compact product. Their recipe is constant research in a variety of acoustic sciences, development of new technologies and empowerment of their employees, and tracking listening to every customer feedback. The commitment to excellence and honest playback shines on all DALI speakers. In the admiration of music.ย 

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