Derwent Pencils


      One of the historic and award-winning pencil manufacturers in the UK  is now on our luxury lifestyle shop. At Burton Blake, we are enthusiastic to announce Derwent Pencils.
      On each Derwent pencil, we can find the heritage of Cumbria. The Derwent brand was officially born in Keswick in 1916. Still, its origins go back much earlier, when graphite deposits were discovered in the Cumberland valley in the district of Cumbria in the early 1500s. 
      By then, generations of artisans first shaped pencils by hand in small workshops, making Keswick soon famous for producing the finest pencils in the world. Then with the industrial revolution in 1832, the first pencil factory in the area was opened by Banks, Son & Co.; before becoming the current brand in 1916.
      Artists and designers worldwide prefer Derwent for drawing and painting. They love the perfect touch on any paper or panels and the long-lasting of the brightness and luminosity of each colour as time passing by.
      Derwent coloured pencils are historically sold in tins of 12, 24, 36 and 72 different colours, a range presented on wooden or aluminium boxes sets.
      At Burton Blake, you can find Derwent's oldest line of colour pencils, Artist and Pastel pencils, introduced in 1994.
      Shop Derwent Pencils from Burton Blake, free & fast UK delivery, plus easy 30-day return policy. Contact us for any information, using our fantastic chat on the bottom right.