Graf Von Faber-Castell Pens


      Luxury Pens are the perfect accessory for everyone today, a shining light of class and sophistication amongst the many disposable biros and promotional pens - a luxury pen is not only a joy to look at, but has been engineered to be brilliant to use.

      At Burton Blake, our aim is to provide some of the most luxurious pens available on the marketplace - supplying them at an excellent price to a wide range of customers. It does not matter if you are signing contracts at work, giving these pens as a gift, marking school books with them - or simply filling in a crossword - these pens hit the mark every time.

      This full collection of Graf von Faber - Castell Pens encompasses both ballpoint pens, and fountain pens, and we absolutely adore the quality, design and feel of these pens.

      You can view the full range below, and as always - please do just get in touch and we will be more than happy to help.