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    Fidlock Bike Water Bottles: a note by Burton Blake.

    Fidlock lands at Burton Blake.

    Fidlock reinvented the bike bottle mount traditional mechanism with the exclusive magnetic twist system and freed it from the cage. The clumsy threading of the bottle from above in a cage has been substituted by the excellent function of using the power of solid magnets to establish a secure mechanical connection automatically. This system is becoming popular to simply offering the riders the perfect combination and attraction, of composite neodymium. The connection remains safe, even in extreme impacts such as the MTB downhill stroke. It also fits in tight frames. Another great advantage of the turning system is that a water bottle can be attached even in very narrow frames since the bottle does not need to be inserted from above. Just put the bottle close to the holder and flip. The bottle is automatically pulled into the holder and locks. Mix and match: stunning and versatile. The highly versatile turning system opens up a wide range of possibilities: Mounts (bases): the bicycle base for the standard ECM 64 connector (2 threads in the frame) available in the factory on most bikes. The Uni-Base base allows you to fasten it anywhere on the tube with solid rubber bands. The Tex base for attaching bottles to backpacks, textiles, etc. Things that can be attached to the frame: Various bottles (bottles) with a volume of 450, 590 or 600 ml. A tool bag (toolbox) A universal holder (uni-connector), where all things can be connected to the bases through a sophisticated tension system, such as your water bottle, glass bottle, jacket, banana, etc. 

    The 450 and 590 ml sizes bottles ensure better connection technology for an even stronger hold. The ergonomically optimized and shorter shape of the bottles with rounded ends allows them to be placed in even more frames, making it even easier to insert and remove the bottle. The new self-closing membrane cap ensures good water flow and is leak and drip-proof. Thanks to the removable dirt cap, the nozzle always remains hygienically clean. The bottles are great to squeeze for your fast hydration and have a lid with a self-closing membrane and optional dirt cap; dishwasher-safe; BPA-free polyethene.

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