Flyte Levitating Lamps from Burton Blake


      4 products

      4 products

      Flyte - is it magic?
      We were amazed when we saw the Flyte floating light bulbs live at an exhibition in Germany. We loved this brilliant concept so much we placed an order there and then and added the Flyte range to our website to introduce them in our customers.
      Designed in Sweden and winner of multiple international awards including best invention of the year, Flyte will stun your friends and family. They're clever, but their beautifully built too, even down to the base of the lamp which is made of quarter-sawn oak, ash or walnut wood finishes. Each unit is carefully crafted to precision using premium components inspired by minimalism and vintage design.
      And here's the magic - Flyte lamps are able to float and illuminate thanks to an exclusive patent - they hover in midair using magnetic levitation and are wirelessly powered through the air. The lamp rotates on itself to offer you its gentle rotating effect that will keep you transfixed in a peaceful state of mind for hours. Merging minimalist design and magnetic magic, Flyte is the ideal discussion piece and a super gift for any home or office.
      Find Flyte Lyfe Levitating Planter, Flyte Levitating Lamp Buckminster, Flyte Levitating Lamp Manhattan and Flyte Levitating Lamp Nikola from Burton