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      9 products

      9 products

      Hiplok, the award-winning and patented Bike Locks Brand arrives at Burton Blake, the Luxury Lifestyle Shop! 
      Riding bikes is not only one of the best feeling in the world, but today it is a moving necessity for millions of people. And protect and secure your beloved bicycle is the daily goal that Hiplok aims to, designing and building innovative, quality security locking solutions which protect your bicycle and improve your move.
      All Hiplok bike locking systems are designed and developed in the UK by a small and dedicated team of innovators and passionate bike riders, believing small details make a big difference to protect your bike from thieves and the enjoyment of your ride performance. 
      Each product is designed for extreme portability and built for ultimate security and maximum usability. But Hiplok entered in the history for creating the world’s the first wearable bike lock! Easy removable and reflective, dress it around your waist and be comfortable without carrying locks into clumsy backpacks or prominent frame attachments.
      Hiplok conducts real-world daily security testing using the very latest equipment producing quality products which riders around the world can trust in. For Hiplok, it is imperative to keep one step ahead of the latest thief attack weapons and prevent the highest risk for your bike. So, choosing Hiplok, you choose protection for your bike through continuous tests and innovation!
      Shop online a superb range of Hiplok from Burton Blake, and discover the patented adjustable belt fastening on wearable chain hardened steel locks, the CLIP + RIDE on D-locks and ultra-reflectivity of the SUPERBRIGHT Series. And enjoy the Hiplok Lifetime Warranty, available on all keyed chain locks, Hiplok D locks and AIRLOK