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      28 products

      28 products

      In today’s times (no pun intended) the humble wristwatch always seems to be massively overlooked. With alot of us working at computers, the time is always visible - whilst smartphones that are rarely out of our hands also tell us the time - the need for a watch is at an all time low, which we find pretty sad. Watches used to be essential items, and were worn at all times so people knew the time - and although we require the functionality of a wristwatch less and less - we think that the style and statement of a watch is more powerful, and more important than ever. A nice watch not only looks fantastic, finishing off specific outfits brilliantly - it also represents the fact that time is always moving on, spurring you on to have the very best day possible.

      To help our customers benefit from all of the above, at Burton Blake we stock and supply an excellent range of watches - designed by truly brilliant watchmakers. Contemporary and classic designs can be found within the range, with excellent movements & watch cases as standard. These watches also represent excellent value, allowing you to own multiple watches to suit your style, outfit and mood.

      You can view the full range below, and just get in touch if you have any questions about the range.