Ogon Designs invented the first every smart wallet, back in 2004. The first company to combine aluminium with a leather wallet, the Stockholm Wallet shook up the entire wallet marketplace. Since then, Ogon have continued to put innovation at the forefront of their wallet division since.  Today, their wallets are sleek and beautifully designed. Ideal for holding the essentials, these wallets are perfect for the pocket - helping the man on the go.

The choice of aluminium was of course a bold one back in 2004, with many companies using aluminium in their wallets since. It’s no surprise either, aluminium is the perfect material for wallets - it’s incredibly light, does not rust and is completely recyclable. As these wallets are constructed from aluminium, they act as cages - keeping the contents of the wallet safe from demagnetization, as well as the threat from scammers using card machines to steal money through using contactless technology to take payments.

Since 2012, in order to keep offering the most beautifully designed wallets, the design of all Ogon wallets has been handed over the incredibly talented french designer - Eric Berthes.

You can view a comprehensive range of Ogon Wallets below, and as always - please just get in touch if you have any questions about the range.