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      7 products

      Burton Blake's note on Overboard Bags

      "When it comes to waterproofing, nothing is more essential than the use of OverBoard waterproof bags. From waterproof duffle to waterproof tube cases, Overboard is a leader in the 100% waterproof backpack industry."

      Overboard bags are specially designed and meticulously manufactured to give non-restrictive and consistent protection features against water damage keeping your precious belongings safe from the elements. Carry your stuff dry and dust-free while you remain focused on improving your waterfowl hunting in the wild, fishing techniques or during a sport session as canoe or kayak. By the way, Overboard is suitable for all types of outdoor activities that require high waterproof resistance. They are heavily tested before getting to the market, and they are available in different colours and sizes, giving you all the extra space you need from 30 to 130 litres. 
      When you're shopping around for bags, there are many things that you need to keep in mind. You want to be sure that you're buying the best quality bag and you really need to think about what is important to you.
      Overboard is an innovative company born in 2006, with a long history of waterproofing. Overboard rucksacks are designed to meet the highest standards of quality. They are known for their durability, submersion water-resistance and their ability to prevent damage to your expensive, functional tools and gears. The company's bags have been designed with your protection in mind and keep your belongings safe and organised.
      The waterproof bags and tube cases come with a zipper closure, which provides extra security for your gear and clothes. Thanks to a unique seamless construction and Fold Sealing System (TM), each backpack is 100% waterproof, highly durable and with impressive resistance not just to water, but even to moisture, and any form of stains (it includes dirt, dust and sand).
      The material used for these waterproof tubes is trekdry (TM), an high-density polyethene, which is an eco-friendly alternative to polypropylene. These waterproof tube cases are lightweight and also highly durable and will give you years of great use while preventing any wear or tear from your valuable fishing or boating gear. They will come in handy even during a relaxing day on the beach. But you can also feel adventurous even in the city; in fact, there are Overboard versions suitable for working days, which keep your laptop and iPad dry and safe, even during a sudden thunderstorm.
      OverBoard waterproof backpacks are quick easy to open thanks to its closure system and have a zipper closure system and internal pockets that allow easy access to the items that you want to be stored within the cases. The waterproofing system also provides airflow so that you will be able to store your items in the case without any leaks. If you are looking for worthwhile waterproof bags to keep your valuable items dry and protected, Overboard waterproof backpack is the perfect product to buy. They are a good investment that will help protect your most important tools and other equipment from the elements. 
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