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      Secateurs are one of the most well known gardening tools available on the market today, they are the tool of choice for gardeners wanting to trim everything from plants and flowers, to shrubs and bushes. Investing in the right set of Secateurs, which have been engineered for the job in hand - will allow you to effortlessly prune and trim to your heart's content.

      There are a number of different Secateur options available, and the choice of which depends on the task in hand. Different Secateurs will perform differently, so it’s important to understand exactly what you need from a pair - do you spend the majority of time trimming delicate flowers and need precision cuts? Or do you spend more time cutting through tougher plants and shrubs?

      If you spend the most of your time looking after smaller plants and flowers - then a set of Bypass Secateurs will be the right choice for you. These Secateurs have a sharp blade on just one side, which cuts against a smoother metal surface, providing a very clean cut, whilst being incredibly easy to use.

      Anvil Secateurs raise the game somewhat, and are perfect for gardeners taking on tougher tasks. These Secateurs are sharpened on both sides - and provide a crushing movement as well as a cutting movement, so they are not perfectly suited for precision cuts.

      Regardless of what type of Secateur you choose to use in your garden, it’s important that a few simple steps are taken to keep them operating at their best. Always take the time to clean your secateurs after use, as Sap can easily damage the movements, always keep your secateurs sharp - so your cuts remain neat & tidy and always store them in a leather pouch on your belt, as they are easier than car keys to lose!

      At Burton Blake, we offer a fantastic array of Secateurs and accessories from Felco - who are well known in the gardening industry for the reputation of creating the finest gardening tools. All of their Secateurs are supplied with a lifetime guarantee, and are manufactured using the highest quality materials and metals.

      You can view the full range below, and as always - please do just get in touch if you have any questions at all about the collection.