Sili Sunglasses


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      At Burton Blake, we are incredibly proud to bring to market an excellent range of sunglasses from Sili. Expertly designed, these sunglasses are polarised, lightweight and incredibly durable. The lenses provide UV400 levels of protection, whilst the frames are constructed from a flexible polymer, which provides an unbelievably strong, yet light material.

      The product of a team of people who were sick of breaking sunglasses whilst doing the sports and activities they love doing - so whether it’s driving in the desert, skiing in the snow or mountain climbing - these sunglasses have been designed to shrug off any knocks they may receive in service. Thanks to their expert construction, these sunglasses also are incredibly comfortable to wear, regardless of your activity levels.

      You can view the full range below, and as always - please do just get in touch if you have any questions about the range.