SVS subwoofers and speakers


      SVS becomes a Burton Blake Brands. Their story is particular. They got into the audio scene to offer subwoofers and speakers to entertain more people with an amazing and immersive sound. Why should exciting home audio experiences be an elitist hobby limited to a small percentage of humanity? SVS's mission is to relive people's desire for excellent sound by bringing passion, fun and experience back to the mix. With this vision, SVS leads a solid r|evolution. Headquartered in Youngstown, Ohio, the SVS team, led by future-oriented president and CEO Gary Yacoubian, is linked to the shared passion for developing world-class speakers, subwoofers and audio accessories without compromising. All the advantages of benchmark high-end audio with unmatched performance for the price. This philosophy has led SVS to be the best subwoofer brand globally and one of the fastest-growing speaker manufacturers.