Terrida is a classic Italian leather goods company from Venice focusing on luxury travel bags made with the finest genuine Italian leather. The Terrida portfolio includes leather travel bags, briefcases, duffle bags, casual bags and the ultimate leather golf club bags.
Terrida's classic collection range includes Marco Polo, Murano, Marea, Car D'Oro, Everglades, Pasha and Interecciato. Terrida bags come in a range of elegant colours including blue, yellow, brown and black.
Terrida began producing luxury leather bags in the 1970's. Leather travel bags were designed with a view for style, passion and an innovative spirit. The Terrida mission is to combine casual luxury with traditional craftsmanship to create a range of beautiful and prestigious products.
All products are designed and created by Terrida and made in Italy. Terrida products are up there with the finest leather goods from Italy. There can be no higher recommendation on quality and style. If you have any further questions, please contact us on 0203 105 1669 or email sales@burtonblake.co.uk.