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    Triangle Hifi Bookshelf Speakers: a note by Burton Blake

    TRIANGLE Hifi Bookshelf Speakers manufacturer was founded by Mr Renaud De Vergnettes, a designer and music lover. These two passions led him to develop 4 decades ago his own speakers according to his personal philosophy of sound and design: the essence of TRIANGLE's sound signature acoustic performance. You have many reasons to shop for that authority brand. Discover some specifications.

    A TRIANGLE speaker is designed to reveal music at your own sensitivity, a revisited French vision of romanticism. The importance of emotions in Romanticism is the emphasis on sensitivity against reason and rationalism.

    The company always stayed in French town Soissons and won over 100 awards, including 21 Gold Diapasons.

    TRIANGLE has made technological research and innovation its top priorities, to provide music lovers with the highest quality natural sound dynamics. TRIANGLE desires that you feel the music intensely as if you were the focus of the concert. This requires a dynamic and vivid sound that conveys all the finesse and beauty of any musical composition. 

    An enthusiastic team of engineers and technicians constantly striving to improve and innovate is part of what makes TRIANGLE speakers unique. Each component is designed, designed and developed according to technical innovations and solutions exclusively from TRIANGLE. 

    TRIANGLE continually invests in the latest technology to innovate and improve your sound experience. A Klippel system is used to design and simulate speakers surprisingly. Modern prototyping tools, 3D printers, the latest CAD software, MLSSA and CLIO measurement systems enable the company to implement the theory. 

    In addition, each driver is crafted and detected by any imperfection, such as centring control coil positioning, hearing test for noise and final control by CLIO of the frequency response curve and impedance. This guaranteed a limited dispersion between drivers.

    The assembly of the speakers is a form of luxury craftsmanship, and numerous acoustic checks are performed to adheres to the company's high standard.

    Triangular sound by TRIANGLE can be described as extremely dynamic, balanced and focused on the bandwidth in which music really develops. With triangular speakers, you don't listen to a concert; you're feeling it.

    The horn-loaded tweeter increases the overall efficiency of the speaker, creating enormous energy and vitality.  It uses a titanium dome combined with a compression chamber to provide efficiency with low distortion and excellent directivity.

    To create exceptional entertaining realism and the fineness and details of each instrument, TRIANGLE uses lightweight, durable materials to maintain a maximum level of clarity, even at low volume. 

    Woofers are designed to ensure that the bass controller moves quickly and accurately. Their woofers have a fibreglass cone with the half-roll inverted suspension to ensure the drivers stops quickly and accurately. This technology prevents unwanted resonances and produces high-quality and engaging power sound. The full bass control allows the medium range to work freely. 

    TRIANGLE use pulp (paper) membranes for mid-range drivers due to their low weight and high rigidity. Combined with small dimensions pleated suspensions, this ensures low staining, incredible accuracy and expressive quality of the voices—perfectly brilliant class.

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