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      Headphones are absolutely life savers in our modern lives, and can be our best friends during the commute to work, when training at the gym - or whilst sat working at our desks. Used to play everything from gangster rap, to radio and podcasts, headphones help pass the time during some of the more menial times of day, whilst helping provide inspirational music during challenging times.

      Headphones are also really effective in helping you avoid distractions and interruptions, so whether you are at home painting the shed, or at work filling in spreadsheets - your own work zone can be created.

      Of course, not all headphones were created equal - and there’s nothing quite like poor quality headphones to not only provide poor sound quality, but also poor levels of comfort. At Burton Blake, we know the dangers of poor quality headphones, and as such work with a very few specialist suppliers, which we believe design and manufacture, stylish headphones of unbeatable quality.

      Urbanears are one of our favourite suppliers of headphones, and we stock a massive part of their headphone collection - which features everything from headphones designed for running and training, right across to larger over ear headphones perfect for casual use. These headphones use a wide variety of technologies, including bluetooth for those who hate wires.

      You can view the full range of urbanears headphones below, and as always - please do just get in touch if you have any questions about the range.