Wolf 493202 Memento Mori Cub Double Watch Winder Black

The Wolf Designs Memento Mori Cub Double Watch Winder 493202 makes an ideal companion for self-winding watches because it simulates the wrist action, rotating the timepiece as if it were being worn and keeping it wound and ready to wear at a moment's notice. It is handcrafted in smooth, black vegan leather with skull embroidery, brushed chrome skull hardware and LED lights changing from white to red in the skull and finished with black ultrasuede lining. The cuffs have been designed to fit bigger and heavier watches (up to 52mm case) and they lock into the rotator drum for a secure fit. The patented rotation program provides 900 turns per day and intermittent rotation with pause and sleep phases pre-programmed.

Celebrate life with Memento Mori. The Latin "Memento mori - remember death" is a phrase calling us to not forget that we are here for only a short time and that we must celebrate being alive. Keep your watch alive and healthy at home and on the road.


  • Model 493202
  • Rotation: 10 second start delay, 900 TPD (Turns Per Day) bi-directionally, patented rotation programs - Intermittent rotation with pause and sleep phases pre-programmed. 
  • Directional Settings: Bi-directional. 
  • Battery Option: Option to run the unit on AC power (universal adapter included) or AA batteries - alkaline or lithium (lithium batteries will last twice as long as alkaline batteries). Batteries not included.
  • Storage: 2 winding modules.
  • Other: Glass cover, LED lights.
  • Material: Vegan leather with skull embroidery and brushed chrome skull hardware and ultrasuede lining.


SIZE: 26CM L X 15.5CM W X 15CM H

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