Burton Blake is delighted to bring you this fabulous range of retro telephones by Wild and Wolf. Designed to look, sound and feel like an authentic traditional telephone, Wild & Wolf have built these phones with just enough authenticity, such as the mechanical bell ringer in the 746 which will certainly take you back to your childhood, but with the addition of a little modern technology such as touch dialling, redial button and of course a modern plug so they can be connected to any modern household telephone socket.
Burton Blake stock the classic 746 Telephone that we all know and love, it's replacement in the late 70's, the Trim Phone, with its more modern shape and design, the 1930's very smart looking Lobby Phone used by hotel guests for decades, the compact Princess Phone, and of course the brilliant 1950's classic Diner Payphone. All these models are available for immediate free delivery in a variety genuine bakelite-style colours.