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      At Burton Blake, we are huge fans of innovative products - that we can bring to the marketplace for our customers. That’s why we are huge fans of the Wollfepack range of backpacks and are incredibly proud to represent this fantastic company.

      The business was started by David Wolffe, who whilst observing a postman struggling to reach into his own backpack - decided that the was the man to invent a backpack which can be accessed from the front. The idea was worked on for a couple of years, before being shelved and rediscovered whilst David was on holiday. In 2012, David returned from his holiday determined to make the bag a reality, and in the June of 2014 the product was launched. The finished product works as David intended, and the Wolffepack range of backpacks swing from your back to your front, allowing you access - and then the backpack simply and easily locks back, into the normal position.

      The range of rucksacks are absolutely packed with innovative features, designed to make it easier and more secure than ever to carry your goods on the move. The range is ideal for everything from commuting, travelling, hiking, skiing and even cycling. It’s the perfect range of rucksacks for all occasions.

      You can browse the full range below, and of course just get in touch if you have any questions about the collection.