Womens Watches

      17 products

      17 products

      There are very few industries and markets quite as crowded as the women’s watch marketplace, with the mainstream watch market offering very little in the way of elegant timepieces - instead choosing to supply garish, diamond/diamante watches in repetitive designs and shapes. That’s the feedback we got from our purchasing teams anyway, who worked incredibly hard to source a range of women’s watches that women actually seem to like.

      All of our womens watches have elegance and classic designs in mind, and many of the pieces have also been designed by women - which is not as common as you might think in the male dominated watch industry. There are a number of colours, shapes, designs and styles available, so you can choose a watch which is as unique and elegant as you are. All have been handpicked not only account of their quality and style, but also for the excellent value which each timepiece represents.

      You can view the full range of women’s watches below - and just get in touch if you have any questions about the collection.