Authentic Models Royal Aero Hot Air Balloon - Blue

Burton Blake are pleased to bring you this model of a stunning Hot Air Balloon, 'Royal Aero', by Authentic Models, in blue.

Gliding soundlessly and effortlessly, as if in a world of their own, hot air balloons have fired imaginations and appealed to a sense of romanticism since the 18th century. Since their invention balloons have travelled the skies, often in unintended directions, but that was part of the adventure and appeal to adventurers and tourists alike. Fun and decorative, this balloon will hang beautifully from the ceilings in any of the rooms of your home.

Featuring hand-applied balloon strips, hand-woven netting and baskets, toggles and sandbags.

Size: W36.1cm x H55.9cm

Materials: Rattan and paper




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