BERG Classic Extra Blue BFR Go Kart

The BERG extra blue BFR is a step up in luxury from the Basic Blue. Developed from years of experience that you can feel when driving this fantastic go-kart.
The BERG Classics are suitable for children from the age of 5 but are also suitable for adults due to the easily adjustable seat. The BERG Frame on the Classics is of excellent quality; in fact so good that the larger go-karts in the Classics range are even suitable for professional use. Four wheels keep you stable and allow you to corner quickly, sharply and safely. No tipping point occurs, so tipping over is virtually impossible. The BERG Classic also has a swing axle that creates a swinging motion of the front wheels, as a result of which bumps in the road are absorbed making it stable on any terrain; you can enjoy tearing around without any worries! The ride is also extra comfortable and smooth thanks to four pneumatic tyres. Safety is paramount for all BERG products with extensive testing, quality control and meeting of all international standards for your peace of mind.


  • BFR-system (Brake, Freewheel and Reverse) allows braking using the pedals and immediate reversing after coming to a standstill.
  • Freewheel mechanism ensures you can keep pedals still while wheels in motion.
  • Very robust high quality frame; even suitable for professional use.
  • Equipped with coaster brake, handbrake and parking brake.
  • Easily adjustable seat up to adult position.
  • Four pneumatic tyres for extra comfort and stability.
  • Four smoothly turning wheels ensure safer cornering and no tipping point.
  • Swing axle absorbs bumps in road.
  • Rear mud guards.
  • Meets high quality standards and fully certified in accordance with international standards and legislation. 
  • User age: 5+ (parental supervision necessary under 12 years).
  • Two years warranty on frame.
  • Adult assembly required.
  • This product may not be used on public roads.
  • Dimensions : L156 x W81 x H86cm.
  • Product weight: 40.5kg
  • Maximum user weight: 100kg
  • Colour: Blue

Note: Some photos show Extra Red model but all details are the same except colour.