Blunt Umbrellas XL3 Umbrella - Black

Blunt XL3 Golf Umbrella by Burton Blake. The Blunt XL has been ergonomically designed to be incredibly stable and aerodynamic, making it a joy to use even in the worst weather. Blunt umbrellas are super strong and super cool.

RADIAL TENSIONING SYSTEM (RTS) - the radial tensioning system redirects, transfers and distributes the effort used in opening the umbrella throughout the entire canopy surface. The RTS creates a strong, aerodynamic umbrella with no sharp points - the Blunt umbrella.

THE BLUNT UMBRELLA IS EASY TO CONTROL IN THE WIND - The low profile and tensioned canopy allows the Blunt umbrella to sit effortlessly in the wind and provide maximum protection from the elements.

SAFER - there are no sharp points at the edge of the canopy.

STRONG AND DURABLE - Blunt’s innovative design means the canopy will not tear at the tips or easily turn inside out. Blunt’s strength and durability make it the eco choice.

SIMPLE TO USE - the push-pull runner makes the Blunt easy to open. A concealed catch keeps the Blunt closed when not in use.

STYLISH CURVY PROFILE - Blunt canopy is taut and smooth with a distinctive rounded silhouette.

Features of this innovative umbrella include:

  • Strong fibreglass 6 rib frame
  • Quick dry polyester fabric
  • Approx length of umbrella when folded 93.5cm / 37 inches
  • Approx diameter of umbrella when open 138cm / 54 inches
  • Weight 850g

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