Charlie Bears - Skinny Pin

Charlie Bears are affordable, collectable bears and characters designed by Charlie at The Bearhouse in Cornwall. Charlie also collaborates with other world-renowned bear artists to create different collections. All Charlie Bears are limited in production, and our special collections often have very low editions. Lovingly made by hand, each bear has their own unique characteristics and that is why only Charlie Bears are known as the bears with personalities.

Skinny Pin is traditional in style and has been created in a way that instantly takes you back to bygone bear designs.The multi tonal shades that are present in his coat give an aged look to this tiny character and his tiny hand stitched nose, sheer ribbon accessory and soft paw pads have all been created in a contrasting muted apricot colour.
Small deep set eyes and his high ear placement give him character and he is softly filled and weighted to make him feel truly gorgeous when cuddled.

  • Charlie Bears
  • Skinny Pin
  • Item Ref CB176024
  • 100% Mohair
  • Height Approx 12"(31cm)