Classic Canes Two-Piece Deerstalker's Hazel Thumbstick

Classic Canes Limited is a British family business, established in 1982 by Ben and Diana Porter, that specialises in the production and sale of walking sticks. Based in Somerset, England, Classic Canes supplies a range of over 700 walking sticks, seat sticks and umbrellas to more than 40 countries worldwide. The range includes everyday, fashion, orthopaedic, collectors’ and folding walking sticks, contemporary and traditional seat sticks and shooting sticks and a capsule collection of ladies’, gentlemen’s and golf umbrellas. A full range of walking sticks accessories such as ferrules and wrist loops is also stocked. Many of Classic Canes’ rustic walking sticks are grown and manufactured on site in its Somerset woodlands. Traditional forestry techniques are used to produce the raw material for walking sticks from native British hardwoods such as ash, hazel and blackthorn. The company is internationally renowned for the quality and style of its products.

Burton Blake are delighted to bring you this deerstalker's two-piece hazel thumbstick from Classic Canes.

This extra-long hazel thumbstick, popular with deerstalkers, is fitted with a joint in the middle so that it may be unscrewed and transported in two parts, which is convenient when travelling. Fitted with a Combi-spike ferrule (a black rubber ferrule fitted over a spiked ferrule so that either may be used). Overall height 150cm (59").

Item weight: 585g.