Cross Townsend Polished Platinum Plated Ballpoint Pen


Burton Blake bring you this quintessential statement of style and confidence. For those who value individuality and impeccable style, Townsend embodies classic American elegance and finesse. Inspired by the graceful lines of 1930’s Art Deco design, with distinctive finishes, precious metals and the signature double band, Townsend delivers a lifetime of smooth, effortless writing. No wonder it’s the pen of choice for several American Presidents.

About the Finish:

A work of art to be treasured, in the world's most precious metal, precious platinum-plated finish with exquisite diamond-pattern engraving and polished platinum-plated appointments. 

About the Tip:

Swivel-action propel/repel feature

Black, medium ballpoint; comes with specially formulated ink that flows flawlessly for a superior writing experience.

Lifetime mechanical guarantee

Deluxe Gift Box


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