Edwin Jagger Chatsworth Double Edge Razor - Imitation Ivory

Burton Blake are delighted to bring you this Edwin Jagger Chatsworth DE razor in imitation ivory, which is the original design and a best seller in the Edwin Jagger collection.

Edwin Jagger is Europe's foremost manufacturer of luxury hand made shaving equipment. This razor is manufactured in Sheffield from carefully selected, finest quality polyester material with the appearance of genuine ivory. The collar and blade head are flawless and triple plated with blue white chrome. The Edwin Jagger, prestige engineered, closed DE head is highly reputed for balance and close shave quality.

Used with any standard DE razor blade, and quality shaving cream or soap, this razor will produce a close and accurate shave often compared to that of a straight razor. This DE razor is medium weight, beautifully balanced and ideal for any new or experienced DE shaver.

For authenticity, the Edwin Jagger name is branded up the length of the handle.

Razor Weight: 74g

Handle Length: 7.7cm