Edwin Jagger Chatsworth Mach3 2 Piece Set - Imitation Ivory

Burton Blake are delighted to bring you this Edwin Jagger Chatsworth Mach3 razor with stand in imitation ivory, which is the original design and a best seller in the Edwin Jagger collection.

Edwin Jagger is Europe's foremost manufacturer of luxury hand made shaving equipment. This razor is manufactured in Sheffield from carefully selected, finest quality polyester material with solid brass. The collar and blade head are flawless and triple plated with blue white chrome.

The matching highly polished imitation ivory cone razor stand is also solid brass, triple hard blue white chrome plated and a perfect way to store and show off the razor. 

Light weight and beautifully balanced this razor is a pleasure to use and takes only genuine Gillette Mach3 blades. Used with quality shaving cream or soap the light weight yet beautifully balanced razor is ideal for the perfect shave.  

For authenticity, the Edwin Jagger name is branded up the length of the handle.

Razor Weight: 45g

Handle Length: 7.7cm