GATE8 Packer MATE Lightweight Luggage Organiser Packing Set

Travellers want simple, stress free packing and organisation from their luggage and that's what the durable and versatile GATE8 Packer MATE provides.

Keep your shoes and boots protected to avoid scuffs and scratches, your gym and swim kit in an innovative water tight sealed bag, your laundry separated and no more rifling through your luggage to find your charger and cables and all of this comes neatly packed in an airport security compliant wash bag - you won't need anything else to ensure you are organised and ready to go.


  • Airport security compliant toiletries bag 
  • Cable / accessories bag  
  • Water tight sealed bag for your swim and gym kit  
  • Laundry bag  
  • Boot / shoe bag  
  • Boot / shoe bag
  • Made from washable, durable honeycomb nylon.
  • Protected by GATE8's 2 year warranty. 

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