Lalique Voyage de Perfumeur Scented Candle 190g - Yuzu Shikoku - Japan

Yuzu’s invigorating scent evokes summer but it is definitely a winter fruit able to resist cold… and lift one’s spirits. Yuzu is therefore the main ingredient of the "Yuzu-zu", a hot bath very much liked by Japanese people on winter solstice because it is said to bring wealth and health. Besides its cosmetic and antiseptic properties, this bath diffuses yuzu’s delicious zesty notes, here melted with bergamot and grapefruit, and sweetened by verbena, almond and musks.

  • "Voyage de Parfumeur" collection, highlighting Lalique’s Hirondelles motif
  • Black lacquered glass
  • Scented candle 190 g
  • Burning time: 40 to 50 hours