Posh Trading Company Coastbox Silver Leaf in Stormy Sky

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For 30 years, Sarah Ward has been in the interior design industry. Her penchant for the bespoke and unusual led her to found Posh Trading Company in 2015, a family business based in London. Employing a dedicated team with big plans to grow a catalogue of luxurious tableware accessories and gifts, they are devoted to offering discerning buyers beautifully designed products bursting with style, elegance and personality.

The Silver Leaf Coastbox in Stormy Sky, a stunning shade of dark grey with contrasting hues, comprises of eight handcrafted single coasters made of genuine Silver Leaf. The leaf is applied to the base board piece by piece, then a layer of dark grey tinted lacquer with a further ten layers of clear lacquer applied subsequently, hand polished between every layer to a gleaming resistant end finish. The coasters are housed in their own exquisite matching Silver Leaf box, itself a statement piece for any coffee table. The whole set comprises over 75 pieces of individual Silver Leaf and would certainly make a perfect gift for weddings, birthdays or special events.


  • Silver Leaf Box 
  • 8 Coasters
  • Coastbox: 125mm x 125mm
  • Coasters: 100mm x 100mm
  • Silver Leaf, Wood, Lacquer
Total Weight:
  • 1.1kg
Product Code: LCS-09


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