Pro-Ject Sweep-IT E Record Broom (Black)

Pro-Ject SKU: PRJ010
Pro-Ject Sweep-IT E Record Broom (Black)
Pro-Ject Sweep-IT E Record Broom (Black)
Pro-Ject Sweep-IT E Record Broom (Black)

Pro-Ject Sweep-IT E Record Broom (Black)

Pro-Ject SKU: PRJ010
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The Sweep-IT E from Pro-Ject is an ideal accessory for analogue aficionados who are looking for new ways to get the best sound from their beloved turntable. Cleaning a record collection can be tiresome, time-consuming or just difficult to keep up with, but it’s an essential task if you want to ensure the best possible sound quality and guarantee a long stylus life. A key part of good maintenance is keeping dust out of your grooves, as too much debris in a record groove can easily stick to the pick-up stylus and cause unwanted artefacts in the sound. There are many ways to reduce the amount of dust inside a record groove, but few are as convenient as the Sweep-IT E.

As opposed to almost every other cleaning solution, which requires you to clean your records while they’re not playing, Sweep-IT E cleans in real time, just before the groove reaches the cartridge. Position Sweep-IT E on your turntable and make sure that the brush is placed in front of the needle when the record starts. 

Sweep-IT E is made from aluminium for its lightweight-yet-durable properties, in order to ensure a long cleaning life. With a heavyweight base that sits directly on your turntable, the uni-pivot arm navigates your records just like a tonearm, with minimal resistance. The soft hair-brush has been chosen to ensure records remain unharmed and the playback speed remains stable. For times when you don’t need Sweep-IT E, it has a dedicated arm rest for convenient storage.

Key Features

Gently cleans your vinyl while playing
Heavyweight stand for secure standing
Easy setup
Suitable for all turntables
Brush made of natural hair
Uni-pivot design
Arm length: 226mm
Arm material: Aluminium
Dimensions (Base): 50.8mm
Weight: 430g

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