Rose et Marius Scented Candle Cabanoun Bleu Ciel Motif - Fresh Mint 200g

Cabanoun Bleu Ciel Motif with Menthe Fraiche / Blue Sky Pattern Tumbler with Real Platinum and Fresh Mint Scented Candle- 200g. For the first time, the cement tiles of the old country houses of Provence are revisited. Rose and Marius reinterprets the typical Provencal patterns to offer you an original collection, contemporary and precious. A totally unique concept that allows you to reuse your cup at will with a scented candle or home fragrance. Timpani fine Limoges porcelain (9.5 cm height) - Finishes PLATINUM real - Sets entirely set by hand. Made In France. Platinum, precious material used in fine jewelery. Picking Fresh Mint Leaves on a Hillside. Rose et Marius have selected the best perfume makers from the village of Grasse to take you on an exceptional olfactory journey in Provence. Their constantly-renewed creations and limited editions capture the rhythm of the seasons and transport you along the scented pathways of Provence. Candles are entirely Handmade in Provence. This refill candle should be used in a Rose et Marius tumbler. Top notes: wild mint, Heart notes: peppermint and basil. Around 60 hours of burning. 200 grams.