Soak & Sleep Duck Feather & Down Box Walled Pillow Standard

Soak & Sleep


The Basics
  • Filled with 85% duck feather for support & 15% duck down for softness
  • A great value feather and down option
  • Available in two firmness levels: soft medium and firm
  • Our soft version is shallower – perfect if you sleep on your front
  • Our medium version has a box construction for additional support – great for side sleepers (link to box construction)
  • Size: 50 x 75cm
Why Our Feather & Down Pillow?

Supportive on the neck and spine, it's rather comfy and suspiciously luxurious. The filling is mainly comprised of feather (85%) for bulk and support. A generous handful of soft down (15%) lends the pillow a touch of luxury, with a 233tc cotton casing. 

The Science Bit

These Feather & Down pillows are all at the top of their game. What's the basic standard? First, the feather & down is hygienically treated, rendering it hypoallergenic, before being covered in a 100% downproof cotton case and elegantly finished with self-piping. Double-stitching ensures that filling stays where it should.

Why We Love It?

Duck Feather & Down is our standard pillow - but there's nothing ordinary about it. For stocking your cupboards or sending the kids off to uni, this is a pretty luxurious choice.

Give your pillows a shake and plump every day to keep them in tip-top condition.

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