Suwada Nail Nipper Black Large

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Suwada was established in 1926 in the Japanese town of Sanjo, a town famous for its high-end production of cutlery and cutting tools. Suwada is known today for their professional quality manicure and pedicure instruments, bonsai shears and kitchen tools. The company enjoys an excellent reputation both within Japan and globally for using the highest quality materials and producing the very best in blades and cutting tools, completely handmade by skilled craftsmen always striving to achieve unparalleled sharpness.

This Large Nail Nipper is made from carbon steel and has a black finish applied to its surface, making it scratch resistant and mark free. They are strong, rust-proof and easy to care for. The sharp blade and its unique nail-fitting curve maximizes safety and ease of use even for tough nails and ingrown nails and leaves a smooth edge that means no filing is necessary. Made in Japan, it comes with a plastic case for safe storage.

Size: Large 12cm

Weight: 85g

Product Code: NN-02



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