Vanitas Coasters by Tomasine Gahn Set of 4 Designer Coasters - Skull Sins Square

“It’s actually less about the coaster and more about the conscious choice of vanity; a reminder of the transience of life and the futility of pleasure.”

The Vanitas coasters are Tomasine’s first products to be launched from her Table Top/Home Decor collection. The coasters are inspired by the Roman renaissance and the Dolce Vita lifestyle in her old hometown of Rome. The idea was to incorporate different art styles. Renaissance symbols, drawings, modern material and contemporary technology.

“I wanted to create Art and Design in one single object meeting our needs.
The perfect gift for every occasion, gender and age.
A functional Art and Design object in the luxury segment.
Perfection when it comes to craftsmanship, local thinking and material details”

The Vanitas Coasters are something that everyone can enjoy everyday. At home in our kitchen or living room. In a bar, hotel lobby, club, yacht or at a restaurant. “The Vanitas Coasters are my contribution to the everyday life that should consist of pleasure, love and laughter”.

The Vanitas Coasters can be utilized in many ways and do not only protect your furniture from stains but are just as nice as pure coffee table decoration matching the colors your flower bouquet of choice. The many color combinations makes it easy to choose your personal favorite depending on occasion and edgy details needed. Like at the fine dining or the dinner party; If your guests are shy at first, the Vanitas Coasters are the perfect conversation pieces to discuss the hidden thoughts of Vanity.