Umage Lighting / Vita Copenhagen Conia Ceiling Pendant / Lamp Shade Mini 30 x 36cm - White

Vita Conia Mini (30 x 36cm) Pendant Ceiling Shade - White. Conia mini is perfect for cluster arrangements. It's a nice companion to the Silvia family and its soft ambient light is blind-free. It measures 30x36 cm. It comes in a sleek ultra-thin gift box, is made from indestructible polycarbonate and environmentally friendly polypropylene, and is designed to be put together at home in less than 20 minutes. One lamp - three options This lamp is cleverly designed to be used as either a pendant, table or floor lamp. For a pendant you just pair the lamp with our cord set and for a table or floor lamp you simply mount the lamp on a lamp base available in most lamp shops and DIY-markets. Use your own If you already have a cord-set or a base at home, chances are that you can just use that instead of buying a new. You just have to check the diameter to be 4 cm, and ensure it has a detachable ring to fasten the lamp. Probably the World's thinnest By utilizing our self-assembly technique, we have been able to reduce our packaging volume, and thereby creating what is one of the world's thinnest lamp packaging. And with the integrated handle it is also very easy to carry. Considering the environment Because we can fit more products on each shipping pallet, resulting in fewer CO2 emissions, even the planet benefits from our smaller packaging.