WOLF 4.1 Single Modular Watch Winder Black



This highly advanced and technologically sophisticated winder is the jewel in the WOLF crown. With patented lock-in cuff and touch sensitive control panel the M4.1 boasts all the interlocking functionality of the M4.0 system with the customisable winding programs and lock-in cuff of the M2.7. It's the best of both worlds.

  • One Bridal Cable included
  • Glass and aerospace grade aluminium
  • Lock-In cuff accommodates a wrist size up to 9"
  • Multiple 4.1 watch winders can be joined
  • Includes one connector piece
  • Drum size: 71 mm deep and 77 mm wide
  • Runs exclusively on AC power: 5V (110/220V) adapter included

    Category: 1-Watch, Modular

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