WOLF Viceroy Double Watch Winder with Storage Black



The WOLF Viceroy's 2.7 movement makes an ideal companion for self-winding watches because it simulates the wrist action, rotating the timepiece as if it were being worn and keeping it wound and ready to wear at a moment's notice. It's new rotation setting options - from 300 to 1200 rotations - double the TPD (Turns Per Day) if set Bi-Directional. This allows the mainspring an opportunity to release its stored energy with a nominal amount of energy being spent, keeping the focus on reliability.

The new WOLF Viceroy 2.7 Double Watch Rotator with Cover and storage is constructed with a sturdy wooden frame in a supple black pebble textured material (outside); silver textured silk faceplate; shiny chrome hardware, recessed metal hinges, a lock, and operates on either 3.3V Adapter (included) or D-Cell batteries (not included). This item winds up to two watches and will house another four watches in the spacious top storage compartment. A great gift for the watch aficionado in your life!

  • Supple pebble finish exterior
  • Silver textured silk faceplate
  • Handcrafted wooden frame
  • Houses up to six automatic watches and other valuables
  • Polished chrome control panel
  • Pull-out travel box
  • Lock-In cuff accommodates a wrist size in excess of 10 inches
  • Drum size: 71mm deep and 77mm wide
  • Powered by two D-cell batteries (not included)
  • Also runs on AC power: 3.3V (110/220V) adapter included

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