Authentic Models: 10 ideas for a Long-Lasting Classic and Luxury Joy

“Authentic Models is a great destination to find beautiful products for the home. Most of the products have a nostalgic theme, often reflecting the period between the 1800’s to 1950’s”


We have all been spending more time at home these past few months, and as a result, we tend to pay more considerable attention to the interior of our homes. Brightening and freshening up our living spaces makes us happy and, of course, the pleasure we receive from looking for and buying new items is good for the soul. Authentic Models is a great destination to find beautiful products for the home. Most of the products have a nostalgic theme, often reflecting the period between the 1800’s to 1950’s. Burton Blake have been working with Authentic Models for several years now, and we love their products. Please take a moment to look at the Authentic Models full range.

How about cheering up your lounge or bedroom with an Authentic Models hot air balloon, these are absolutely delightful, the “Royal Aero” in rainbow colours will not fail to brighten up your home and put a smile on your face. If rainbow colours don’t appeal, there is a very smart blue and off white stripe model, both are available at Burton Blake, priced at £ 87.60, dimensions; 55.9cm x 36.1cm. If budget is an issue, you may want to consider a smaller and cheaper version of a hot air balloon. “Travels light” offers a range of colours at just £ 37.50, again available through Burton Blake and measuring 30cm x 18 cm.

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Authentic models offer a vast range of aircraft, and most they are highly detailed and accurate to the originals. Why not treat yourself to a polished Aluminium desktop model of a Douglas DC-3. These twin-engine propeller planes were a common sight in the skies during the 1940’s and 1950’s, and a few are still flying today. If the DC-3 is not your flavour, how about going back further in time, Authentic Models Sopwith camel is very detailed and an asset to any home. 

One of the most popular items is the Authentic Models Spitfire, available from Burton Blake at £ 45 made from recycled aircraft aluminium and measuring 20.3cm x 19.1 x 14.6cm, ideal for your desk or mantelpiece. The Spitfire first took to the skies over Britain on the 5th March 1936 and was in production throughout the Second World War; it’s place in history is assured.


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Taking us to a more modern era, Authentic Models Concorde is a hugely popular piece, in highly polished aluminium. Measuring 46cm x 21.1cm x 17.5cm, this is a truly desirable memento. Concorde is one of the most beautiful planes ever to be built and was able to fly between London and New York in just 3 hours. 

Authentic Models also offer 3 lovely, highly polished wooden replica aeroplane propellers. These look really good on display on a wall in your home. The first model is a replica Sopwith Camel propeller, measuring 127cm and made from pine and hand-painted. This model comes with a serial number punched around the hub, which helps to make it a unique piece and it’s priced at £ 145. Suppose you fancy something a little more colourful. In that case, you may want to consider the Authentic Model Barnstormer Propeller, the tips finished in red, white gold and blue. This is a delightful replica from and bygone era and priced at £111.60




Authentic Models Mobile Solar System has proved to be a huge success, and little wonder why. This is a great way to get children interested in the planets nearest to us, measuring 20.3cm x 70.6cm x 20.3cm and priced at £ 90 

If you are looking for something different, Authentic Models The Eye of The Time Clock In Nickel might be just what you are looking for. Crafted in Nickel, an anonymous watchmaker in Regency London made the original travel clock. It incorporated a magnifying glass both front and back, the front of the watch is a clock and the reverse, a compass card. This is a working replica model, battery operated and comes with the battery at £37.

If cars are your thing, Authentic Models Silberpfeil or Silver arrows replica toy racing car from the 1930’s has to be on your must-have list. Originals are highly collectable and rare, but you can own a faithful model for just £ 123.60. Finished in polished aluminium and red faux leather and measuring 31.1cm x 14.6cm x 8.9cm.


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To witness the grace and relative silence of a sailing yacht is a beautiful experience and becomes more enhanced when seeing sailing boats racing. The Americas Cup is the pinnacle of the racing yacht world. Back in 1901, “Columbia” successfully defended its title, winning all three races. Authentic models offer a Columbia faithful scale replica model, finished in Ivory and honey. Measuring an impressive 118.6 x 114.6 x 18cm and available at £ 210.  

If you are seeking something unusual for a gift, Authentic models porcelain Phrenology Head might fit the bill. Phrenology was widely used in Victorian times, believing that the bumps and contours of the human skull could reveal a detail about a person’s intellect, morals, energy levels and even love. Certainly, a conversation piece priced at £ 62.40.

Authentic models is definitely the brand to consider for all those who love a classic style, with replicas, ornaments and luxury furniture that celebrate the age of exploration, travel and discovery! And not only that, every Authentic Models item may even increase in value over time. 

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