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Brics has been making luxury luggage since 1952 when the company was formed in Milan by Mario Briccola. The Brics factory is now located in Lake Como and is still family-owned and run by some of Mario’s children and grandchildren.
Maybe it’s the fact that the company is still managed by the Briccola family that explains the almost excessive attention to detail that goes into the design and manufacture of all Brics products. And it’s this quality and luxury combination that appealed to us when we chose Brics Milano as our high-end luggage brand of choice for the Burton Blake website.

Shop Brics from Burton BlakeBurton Blake is proud to be an official authorised UK Brics Milano luggage retailer.

You won’t see many Brics suitcases on airport carousels around the world, but when you do spot them, you can be sure the person who owns the cases is both discerning and stylish. Like you, they will have chosen Brics as their luggage brand because of the quality craftsmanship, clever functionality and peerless durability built-in to every Brics product. Don’t be surprised if the stylish traveller with their Brics luggage turns out to be a film star or famous fashion designer because Brics seems to have become the A-listers favourite luggage brand too. 
One of the signature features of Brics luggage is the Italian bovine leather used for their bags, and to trim and detail Brics suitcases. Brics use only the highest quality full-grain leather. The grain used is the top layer of the hide, which is the best grade with exceptional appearance and the strength to last a lifetime. Because the leather used by Brics is natural and not treated, sanded or buffed to remove imperfections, they can only use the leather of the best quality. The fact that Brics leather is untreated and in its original state means it is tighter, stronger and more resistant to moisture. The result is a leather product considered by experts as the most authentic and innovative available. While chemical treated leather will breakdown and fade over time, full-grain vegetable-tanned leather will develop its character or ‘patina’ with age, a feature which is highly desirable.
The vegetable tanning process used to finish the high-quality Tuscan leather makes a significant difference, giving the end-product a warm natural colour, enhanced by Mimosa, Quebracho and Chestnut, closest to its original state and able to age naturally. Much of the leather produced in the world today is tanned with chemicals, which are highly toxic and damaging to the environment, and sadly in some cases also damaging to the communities where the tanning is done. Vegetable tanning is vastly superior in every way to chemical or chrome tanning.
Having read about the opulence and character of Brics bags, you might be concerned about what happens to your bag between dropping it off at check-in and its arrival on the luggage carrousel. After all, baggage handlers are not known for their care when it comes to moving bags around the airport. Brics have considered this too and have come up with a solution you won’t find from most other luggage brands. Brics offer a range of cost-effective and tailormade luggage covers, starting at less than £20. These covers are transparent, lightweight, water-resistant, sturdy and easy to fit. Simply slip the cover over your suitcase, pull up the handle and off you go, with the peace of mind that when your cases arrive at your final destination, it will have been saved from scratches and stains, and once uncovered, will be in the same excellent condition as when you left home.
If you need any more reassurance that Brics products are some of the best on the market, their manufacturer 5-year warranty is it. Brics believe in the high standards of their range of bags and cases so much that they are prepared to back their workmanship and materials for five years from the date of purchase. This is quite a commitment from Brics, given the potential rigours of world-travel, and demonstrates, without doubt, the confidence they have in their products. And like a tailored pair of shoes or bespoke suit of clothes, should your Brics bag or case suffer damage not covered buy, or outside the comprehensive Brics warranty, they offer a product repair service – simply send your case back to Brics, and they will restore it for you.
Burton Blake is proud to be an official authorised UK Brics Milano luggage retailer. Please visit our website at to view the whole range of Brics luggage and covers. If you need assistance choosing your Brics luggage, please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our specialist sales advisors by phone on +44 (0) 203 105 1669, by email on or by using the chat button on our website. And don’t forget at Burton Blake you are guaranteed an unrivalled level of service, with free express delivery, 30 day returns policy and customer reviews to match, with 4.92 stars from 731 customers -
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