Bugatti Casa: What You Should Know About this Luxury Kitchenware Brand

Bugatti Casa is the Italian brand for luxury kitchenware loved throughout the world. Founded by five brothers, Giuseppe, Giovanni, Faustino, Giacinto and Amadio, in Lumezzane (Lombardy, Italy) in 1920, Bugatti combine the latest cooking technology features with unique Italian contemporary design. This combination results in true kitchen appliance masterpieces, perfect as a focal point for the home, whether your space is contemporary or classic. We've picked out our top 3 Bugatti Casa products that will blend seamlessly into any kitchen. So, now’s the time to fall in love with Casa Bugatti – discover the Bugatti Bollitore Vera Easy Kettle, the Bugatti Bollitore Vera Elettronico Kettle and the Bugatti Volo Toaster.

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Bugatti Kettle – Bollitore Vera Easy
Bold, luminous & beautiful – this is the upgrade your kitchen has been waiting for. A modern designer kettle, with dynamic, sleek and tilted shape, made from 18/10 stainless steel to guarantee thermal insulation with a shiny, polished finish. The kettle features a removable anti-limescale filter, water-level window, a 360-degree movable body and a soft-touch lid, opening to serve warm or hot water for your coffee or tea. Don't be fooled by its glamourous appearance, designed by Andreas Seegatz, the Bugatti Vera Easy kettle has a 1.7L capacity, measures 22.5cm x 18cm x 32cm and weighs just 1.4kg, making this design kettle not only breath-taking but substantial too. What's not to love?
Bugatti Kettle – Bollitore Vera Elettronico
Bold, modern & unique. This is the evolution version of Vera Easy. In Italian, Vera means "true", which embodies the concepts of authenticity and value for money Bugatti strives to achieve with every Casa product. Furthermore, the term "Elettronico" indicates that Bugatti have gone to great lengths, incorporating state-of-the-art electronic technology, to make the ultimate kettle. The Bugatti kettle is anything but boring and is designed to stand out truly. The dynamic sleek and tilted shape, created by the renowned designer Andreas Seegatz, fuses contemporary Italian design with a classically inspired style – it is modern, yet classic, simple, yet striking. Elettronico dimensions are the same as the sister kettle, Bugatti Vera Easy.
Let's talk a bit more about the intelligent technology used by Bugatti to create the Bollitore Vera Elettronico kettle. The innovative water temperature regulation system allows the kettle to reach the desired heat temperature (between 45 and 100 degrees Centigrade) serving the perfect hot or warm drink every time. The clock function displays the current time and includes a timer function allowing you to pre-set the kettle to boil at a specific time – wake up and enjoy your favourite drink "pronto", ready for your day.
Yes, the Bugatti Vera Elettronico is the ultimate kettle for your luxury lifestyle.
Bugatti Toaster – Volo
Bold, sturdy and stylish. The Bugatti Volo toaster is the one appliance that should never be missing from your kitchen. The reason? Not only does it allow you to cook all sort of farinaceous products, from toast to crumpets, enhancing their flavours and health properties, but also because this is the best-looking toaster money can buy. Blurring the lines between modern and traditional, by purchasing a Bugatti Volo toaster, you are buying a masterpiece of Italian design that will turn the room you use to prepare food into a place of beauty. And this is a toaster that will last for years, made from pressed solid steel, and it is incredibly sturdy.
The Bugatti Volo toaster comes with some beneficial technical features that you won’t find on other toasters. It has two adjustable toast slots, which can accommodate even the thickest slices of bread. It also has a really cool motorised toast-lifting system, which allows you to remove your toast easily. And you can choose between 4 pre-set functions, including a defrost function, bagel function, reheat function and precise electronic browning control.
The Volo toaster also features an integrated crumb tray, electronic browning control and soft-touch controls. The dimensions are 32cm x 20cm x 30cm, and weight is 2.8kg. (Please note that Sandwich cages and Toasting racks can be purchased from Burton Blake as an optional extra.)
Why Shop Bugatti Casa Luxury Kitchenware?
Whether you want a stylish, designer kettle, with some of the latest available technology, or a toaster that comes with some fantastic style features and unique technological functions, choose your preference from Casa Bugatti, the Italian kitchen brand.
Bugatti casa produces a comprehensive range of durable products and cooking appliances, which confirm the saying "those who spend smartly, spend better". Visit our collection page to choose your luxury kitchenware products from Casa Bugatti by Burton Blake.
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