WOLF Jewellery Boxes: Discover How To Store your Personal Belongings Preciously

 Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend? Then the Jewellery Box you store them in needs to be just as precious and considered.

Jewellery is one of the finest things a woman can own, it defines us, tells a story about us, shows our personalities, and finishes off that perfect outfit.  Whether it be big bold rings or small delicate necklaces, long dangling earrings or tiny small studs, we love it, we wear it with pride, and it makes us feel happy and glamourous.  Whether your Jewellery is a gift from a loved one, a precious item passed down from a family member or just something that resonates with you, your jewellery is precious to you and therefore what you keep it in should be just as precious, beautiful and most importantly well organised to consider personally.

WOLF, established in 1834 by German Silversmith Philip Wolf I, is still a family-run business led now by Simon Wolf who is as passionate about his products now as his family back in 1834 were.  Still producing and creating new Jewellery boxes that evolve each time with features to offer the latest fancy style, design, sophistication, and protection to all your beautiful pieces of Jewellery.

WOLF’s refined Jewellery boxes and cases combine the finest materials with over five generations of handmade tradition.  Importantly, their patented LusterLoc ™ allows the fabric lining inside of your jewellery cases to absorb the hostile gases known to cause tarnishing.  The treated interior lining prevents tarnishing for up to 35 years in all their jewellery boxes, drawers and cases.

The hardest part of storing your Jewellery will be choosing which one of WOLF’s boxes or cases is for you. With a range of twelve designs and thirteen different colours to choose from there is something for everybody from small travel cases for those important items when away on holiday or travelling, to small, medium, large and even Extra Large boxes.  These range from the classic designs like the Caroline and Palmero to the bolder, exquisite Zoe range with embroidered flowers.  Whatever your taste, with no doubt, WOLF will have something that you will love and can keep your treasure safe and in beautiful condition.

When choosing your box or case, consider your Jewellery collection and what you need to store.  Do you have more rings or more necklaces that you need to store maybe bracelets or earrings?  Narrow down your search by considering which box or case has the most compartments suitable for your Jewellery collection. Consider where you want to keep your box, whether it will blend with the décor or if keeping in a safe, what size would work perfectly.

The Collections

WOLF collections are as follows: Blossom, Caroline, Chloe, London, Maria, Marrakesh, Palermo, Sophia Vault and Zoe.  In the men’s range Blake and Howard valet trays.  Below is a short summary of a few of the ranges and suggestions to give you a taste of what is available.

Shop WOLF ZOE Jewellery Boxes from Burton Blake

An absolute stunning range of designer jewellery boxes and cases.  If you like to make a statement, then this is it. With a velvet exterior, bold classic floral designs and LusterLoc™ interior. Available in Large, Medium Jewellery Boxes, Portfolio Case and a Zip Travel Case in three colours, Mink, Forest Green and Indigo.  The Medium box has space as well: 20 small compartments, 4 medium compartments and 3 large compartments also, 4 bracelet compartments and 4 x bracelet/watch cuffs along with a mini travel box.

Shop WOLF Caroline Jewellery Boxes from Burton Blake

For a more classic design with the embodiment of sophistication and style, take a look at the Caroline Collection a timeless design with elegant and soft lines of the 50’s and a supple diamond quilted pattern.  The Extra Large case has 43 jewellery compartments, 4 watch compartments, 4 ring rolls, a jewellery roll with 2 compartments, 10 earring holds, 3 necklace holders and 1 ring strip along with a travel case which has 3 compartments and 4 ring rolls.  The Caroline Collection is available in Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large boxes and a travel portfolio case.  Soft and bold colours, Ivory, Rose Quartz, Champagne, Black and Red.

Shop WOLF Marrakesh Jewellery Boxes from Burton Blake

Take a trip to an exotic and intoxicating place, with the leather and gold studding whirling together creating patterns within patterns.  Available in either white or black with gold studding, this design is exuding glamour even before you lift the lid.  The Marrakesh Flat Jewellery Box can store 3 ring rolls, has 7 storage compartments and a small travel case with the patented LusterLoc™ of course.  Available in Large and Medium boxes, a flat box, a safe deposit box and a travel zip case.

Shop WOLF Sophia Jewellery Boxes from Burton Blake

Looking for a more contemporary Jewellery box or Jewellery case?  The Sophia Collection is designed to protect charms and charm Jewellery in Style. Available in three Drawer, two drawer, small rectangular zip case or mini circular zip case this collection will cover all requirements.  The three drawer Jewellery case contains 12 round charm storage spaces, 2 bracelet wells, 1 long necklace/bracelet compartment, 10 open storage compartments, 1 empty drawer and 4 ring rolls.  The mini zip case can store one bracelet and has a small charm well to keep all your favourite charms in. As with all the WOLF collections this is also has the patented LusterLoc™ protection.  This stunning range comes in three beautiful soft colours Pink, Mink and Ivory.

Jewellery Trays

Should you wish to keep your Jewellery in a safe, WOLF’s Jewellery Trays are for you.  WOLF’s vault trays come in three sizes 1.5”, 2” or 4” depth with inserts for Bracelets, Earrings, Necklaces, Rings, Watch Straps, Sunglasses and Watches.  Perfectly designed to keep in your safe, these boxes come in four colours Black, Ivory, Grey and Red.

And for the Men in your life …

The Blake Valet Trays, stylish and classic effortlessly organises electronics, money, Jewellery, keys  and watches.  The tray includes Ultrasuede lining, 5 storage compartments, a watch cuff which is interchangeable with the Blake Watch Roll, great when travelling. Available in Black/Grey, Brown and Black/Purple.

To view all of the WOLF Jewellery Collections, go to burtonblake.co.uk every item is in stock and can be shipped to you immediately.  If you would like further information or advice on any of the collections please either email sales@burtonblake.co.uk, chat online on our website or call Customer Services on 02031051669 who will be happy to assist you with your choice and purchase. Sign up to our Luxury Lifestyle newsletter and receive an introductory offer.

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