The ultimate luxury audio must-haves in 2021

Music is felt in the heart. A recent Harvard study found that listening to music lowers blood pressure and stress hormones. Conversely, it improves heart health and boost the production of dopamine, a hormone linked to emotional wellbeing such as happiness.  We give a comprehensive list of audio systems to watch out for in 2021 if you are looking for an acoustic indulgence.

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Smart technology, better experience

In recent years, audio manufacturers have put in a lot of research to enhance our listening experience. With cutting-edge technology and clever engineering, today’s audio systems have revolutionised the way we listen to music. The astounding technological advancements range from unparalleled wireless connectivity to sound resolution filtration systems. The simple result is to enhanced the physical and emotional wellbeing of the listener. So, what are the best audio buys for 2021 that could uplift, relax and soothe? 

Awards and reputation

Before going to see the best audio devices in 2021, a quick look at the type of products that have earned a reputation and awards would be helpful. Despite we are staying indoors more often, the requirement of portability of electronic devices has gone up. We are relying on laptops, mobile phones, portable speakers, and even portable internet dongles whilst being inside.

Key features of a quality audio systems need to have: 

  • Highest audio quality in the market
  • Timeless design
  • International awards to acclaim the quality
  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Research and cleaver engineering
  • Brand prestige and history
  • Exclusive features

The best luxury speakers you need own in 2021

Now that we know what goes behind top-class audio systems, let us dive into each product and evaluate their pros and cons. It is worth noting that when making a decision, you always need to consider the purpose of the purchase so that you get the best outcome from the set of speakers you buy.

Bang & Olufsen Beosound A1 2nd Gen Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

This is the ultimate work-from-home companion that perfectly fits in the office in your home. With an impressive 2 x, 30W Class D for woofer and tweeter amplifier, this little powerhouse of a speaker is handy and portable.

As an emblem of luxury living, Bang & Olufsen has carefully crafted this mighty Beosound A1 to be dust, water and sand proof – making it the ideal entertainer for those picnics both in rain and shine. And not just for play, this classic piece is ideal for having seamless online meetings, hands-free calling and uninterrupted music play thanks to impressive and advanced connectivity system.

On a practical level, the B&O Beosound A1 is a perfectly smart device capable of having conversations with built-in Alexa. Being an allrounder in a smart home, this powerful portable speaker makes to the top of our must-have list in 2021.

KEF LS50 Wireless II Speakers (Carbon Black) 

As a highly sought-after British brand, KEF has made a remarkable market-leading invention with the new LS50 Wireless II speaker. Voted as the ‘product of the year’ in 2020, this ultra-powerful device has metamaterial absorption technology for pure, natural sound.

The optimised cabinet design ensures the best acoustic performance even for low-quality audio tracks. Famous as an all-in-one speaker system that is capable of streaming from any source, the KEF LS50 Wireless II is a definite buy for those acoustics fans in 2021. Thanks to wireless compatibility with AirPlay 2, Chromecast and more, this timeless audio powerhouse seamlessly connect almost all streaming devices in your home and office.

Also, there are plenty of wired connections for your TV, games console and turntable. As KEF calls it, the LS50 is just great sound with no strings attached. Phenomenal audio quality, easy setup and lots of connection options – everything you’d expect from a world-class manufacturer of audio equipment. Due to this engineering heritage and advanced technology, the LS50 Wireless carries a premium price tag, too.

Kanto TUK Premium Powered Bookshelf Bluetooth Speakers

Setting a new benchmark in redefining clarity and performance, the TUK Premium is designed to push the limits on what a bookshelf speaker can achieve. The active crossover technology improves low-end sound resolution by filtering out sub-80Hz frequencies when connected to a subwoofer. This ensures crystal clear audio quality even at the highest volume whilst maintaining the balance of the entire audio track.

Outfitted with dedicated phono, RCA and Optical TOSLINK inputs, the TUK provides the flexibility you need to enjoy all your devices. No gadget, whether old or new, is a contender for the TUK Premium.

Thanks to the TUK’s AMT tweeters, the powerful speakers can deliver brighter, more accurate highs, to every corner of the room providing a remarkable soundstage. This techno-packed device is one of the best grabs in 2021.

Nuraphone 1st Gen Bluetooth Headphones

As a wearable luxury audio system for 2021, the Nuraphone 1st Gen makes it to our list in style. Nicknamed as the world's smartest headphones, this ultra-high-tech pair of headphones is a must-have personal audio device to soothe your mind and ears.

The advanced AI system built-in to the headphone provides incomparable hearing experience. According to Nura, this revolutionary device measures your hearing in about a minute and delivers a personalised sound to you. The result is simply ear-blowing.

With a staggering 20 hours of wireless playback in pristine audio quality, you will not want to miss this gem of a headphone in 2021.

Burton Blake understands the power of music as a medium of relaxation and pleasure. Why not treat your senses with a mightily powerful speaker packed with cutting edge technology? You know you deserve it.

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